Open Data FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Open Data
Find out what Montgomery County residents have been asking the most.
How can I learn to use the dataMontgomery website and open data tools?
dataMontgomery empowers its residents by providing a comprehensive reference guide to their open data platform.
What can I do with open data?
Open data include datasets related to health, environment, governments, society, education, transport, business and the economy. These datasets can help you understand your neighborhood better and be more aware of the various amenities made available to you. Prospective home owners, businesses and entrepreneurs can also use open data to make more informed decisions. 
How can I use a dataset to map my community?
dataMontgomery offers reference resources to help you get started with mapping your own community.
How do I manipulate a data set?
dataMontgomery offers a variety of detailed tools to help you manipulate a dataset.
How can I create my own account on dataMontgomery?
To create your own account go to dataMontgomery's homepage and click on the 'Sign In' tab on the right-hand side of the navigation bar. On the sign-in page you may click on 'Sign Up' link to create your own account.
Are there any restrictions on how I can use open data?
Open data is free of any constraints. It is freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. You may read the terms and conditions of open data usage.
How can I download a dataset?
dataMontgomery offers the functionality for you to download a dataset as a CSV, CSV for Excel, JSON, RDF, XML, TSV and RSS formats. To download a dataset in any of these formats, go the the dataset's primer page and click on the 'Export' tab. From the available list of options, select a format for your dataset download.
How can I suggest a new dataset?
To suggest a new dataset go to dataMontgomery's homepage and click on the 'Suggest a Dataset' tab. You might be prompted to login into your dataMontgomery account before being able to suggest a dataset. If you don't have an account yet, you may create your own account.
How can I report an error or request modification of a dataset?
To report an error or request modification of a dataset you can contact the dataset owner by opening the primer view of the dataset and selecting 'Contact Dataset Owner'.
Does dataMontgomery offer any development resources?
Yes, dataMontgomery does offer many development resources.