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This live table lists in alphabetical order by name the datasets currently published in dataMontgomery.   Click on the small search icon at the top left corner of the table to open the search tool.  Click on the menu icon for each column to change the sorting order of the table, or to use a filter to reduce the size of the table.  Click on the URL link of a particular dataset to go to the dataset's preview page.   Note that the publication year is the year when a dataset was first published.  To find out when the dataset was most recently updated, please select the URL link to open the preview page for the dataset.

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In 2012, Montgomery County launched dataMontgomery as part of its openMontgomery initiative, a program designed to promote greater transparency and accessibility to residents.  dataMontgomery provides residents and constituents with access to County datasets in consumable formats, so they may be viewed, sorted and used in various ways, including being potentially leveraged in the development of new applications and services by interested parties.  Providing this information offers the public an opportunity to review and analyze raw data, and the opportunity to use it for a variety of purposes.
Montgomery County Departments and the dataMontgomery team prepare and use County datasets to share with you budget, spending and performance management information about departments and services.  Please visit the following websites to obtain more information:
budgetMontgomery provides to you a way to understand how our budget is structured and provides answers you need. It has rich content such as charts, graphs and maps to view our budget from different levels, such as how much we budget for services, departments, programs and capital projects. In addition, Montgomery County also offers:

spendingMontgomery is a demonstration of Montgomery County’s commitment to improving transparency by providing a guided view to complex financial information. spendingMontgomery provides details on who spends money, what we buy, and which vendors we use. Please note that certain spending data has been identified as confidential under County and State law and protected.
CountyStat is the performance management and data analytics team within the Montgomery County Office of the County Executive.  CountyStat uses data strategically to monitor, assess, and improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and performance of County services, solve problems, and develop targeted action plans and strategies to deliver results for our residents, businesses, and communities.  CountyStat organizes information in these categories: