Open Data Guide for Montgomery County Residents

What are the safest bike ways in your neighborhood?  What community resources are available in the County? Learn about Montgomery County residents and their communities by using dataMontgomery.

The gateway to our public data.

Montgomery County residents care about each other and take great pride about their community.  Residents want up-to-date information to address important issues.  Open data helps you see where food inspections or crime incidents are happening around you or near your community.
Learn what is open data and what dataMontgomery offers to you!

How To Use Open Data
Learn how to use open data sets.
Map Your Community!
Learn more advanced features.

Explore Montgomery County Data

dataMontgomery provides residents and constituents with direct access to datasets in consumable formats.  You can view, filter, sort, download, and even create datasets, and then prepare maps and various views to meet your needs.  Use open data to discuss topics such as neighborhood safety or community resources use, or how Montgomery County budgets and spends public funds.
Explore all the data available to you!