• Welcome to dataMontgomery

    Direct access to County datasets in consumable formats is available here, offering the public an opportunity to review and analyze raw data, and the opportunity to use it for a variety of purposes. Included is the opportunity to use datasets in the development of Smartphone apps that create value for residents and better connect them to County government services.
  • Welcome to dataMontgomery
  • FY14 Budget FY14 Budget

    This dataset includes the Fiscal Year* 2014 Council-approved operating budget for Montgomery County.

  • Food Inspection Food Inspection

    Inspection results from the Licensure & Regulatory Services Program for all licensed retail food establishments in Montgomery County.

  • Completed MC311 Service Requests Completed MC311 Service Requests

    Information on all MC311 Service Requests received (via email or phone) since July 1, 2012. This data is updated daily.

  • Residential Permits Residential Permits

    Data for all Residential Building Permits issued since 2000, including status and work performed.

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